Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Latest Adventures

Well, here it is nearing the end of June and I'm just now posting my monthly blog. It's been a busy month and I have several events I want to get recorded in my "journal" - a few yet still from May.

So, here's a recap...

I made another trip in May to visit my friends Karen and James at Elk Cliff Farm. I still have a little trouble calling it that, since it's always been Pannabecker Mountain to me, but I guess it's not so difficult when I just visit the farm and not the lodge. When I go with the entire group, we all stay in the lodge and then move back and forth between the lodge and the farm. It's definitely Pannabecker Mountain then.

Anyway, it was it's usual wonderful visit. Nobody makes a person feel more at home than Karen and James. I helped with the goat-milking which Karen does twice a day.  Actually I swept the barn floor while Karen milked.  I tried my hand at milking a couple of mornings, but it didn't go well. I spoke to that briefly in an earlier blog.

The goats are amazing and more like pets than you'd believe. There was one especially cute little female. She was everywhere, climbing on everything, nibbling my hair. I entertained a thought or two of bringing her home with me, but fortunately she was already sold. (It's dangerous the thoughts you can have when you're in that place.)

Isn't she a darling?

I also got to meet Karen's friend Susan and visit her Ilama/sheep farm - where I almost got to see a castration????  Fortunately, the lamb wasn't ready. Neither was I.  I did get to see a tail-docking though. Karen and Susan placed a rubber band-like thing around the lamb's tail which I understand results in the eventual dropping off that portion of the tail distal to the band. (I believe that was the plan with the testicles too - ouch!).

The lamb was so busy being loved by Karen, it didn't seem to feel a thing!

And of course, the Ilama ~ Beau!

Anyway, as usual, it was not only fun, but very educational.  Plus I had some great strawberries from James' garden.

I'm already looking forward to my fall visit.


Our first of two yearly campouts was in May as well. Twice a year a few of us head over to Lexington to Sue's homeplace on the Yadkin river for a Friday night campout. We pitch tents, grill something easy, roast marshmallows around the camp fire, sleep, get up and have breakfast and then head home - my kind of roughing it. We're not there long enough to get dirty and so don't even have to take a change of clothes! I do take my toothbrush though.

Sue's place is on a beautiful part of the Yadkin River.  The water rushes rapidly in some areas so the sound is loud and especially wonderful for sleeping - especially since everyone says I snore!
See what a great setup it is?  We always go during cooler
weather so we can cozy-up around the fire.
Sue, Larry and Joanne

Bob, me and Scotty

Then in June, we all went on another cruise - this time around New England & Canada. I spent a couple of days sick in my stateroom - no, not sea sick, just a cold, fever, earache, etc. Had a great time otherwise. We walked the Freedom Trail in Boston, enjoyed some great "lobsta" in Bar Harbor, a beer tasting and scallop dinner in Halifax, and a very special day in Quebec City.  Of course, we did other things besides eat, but only the important stuff here.

 Me, Bob and Sue in Boston

Scotty, Larry, Sue and Joanne at Legal Seafood, Boston

The USS Constitution - Boston

 Bob touring the USS Constitution

 Our first meal on the ship - no we haven't even pulled out of port!

 "The girls" in Bar Harbor

Getting ready to "get cracking" in Bar Harbor

 "The girls" at dinner on the ship

Touring Alexander Keith's Brewery in Halifax

Beer Tasting at the Brewery

Bob and Larry with Alexander Keith

Beautiful Quebec City - probably our favorite stop

The guys "resting" in Quebec

No pictures here of Sidney or Charlottetown since I spent those two excursions sick in my room.  They tell me, though, that I didn't miss a thing, and of course I believe them.  Don't tell them, but it wasn't so bad for me either.  It was quiet, I had a good book to read, and of course, there was roooooooom service!

I've been in worse situations!