Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Do I have anything to blog about?

Well, I suppose I could start off with a little something about me...

I'm female, middle-aged (cough), a wife and mother, a grandmother, sister, sister-in-law, mother-in-law, aunt, cousin and friend. Oh, I'm also a nurse. Until recently, I lived to work, which means I've never really had time to cultivate any major talent(s). Of course, I suppose I would have to have a talent to cultivate in the first place, which I don't - at least none that have been discovered yet.

I'm talking about "major" talents. Those you can see or hear, like singing, or playing a musical instrument, dancing, or being a great gardener or cook. Don't get me wrong. I firmly believe in an all-powerful God who created each of us uniquely. So I know I'm special in many ways and feel extremely blessed. But a major talent? I don't think so. That's one of the reasons I put off starting this blog for so long. What would I blog about?

I have at least two friends, that I know of, who blog ~ James and Karen. They are married to each other. They not only live an enviable lifestyle, but are also both multi-talented. The enviable lifestyle alone is probably enough, but when you have multiple talents, you have a ton to blog about...and people want to read it, too! It's an adventure!

So theirs were the blogs I was using as examples. Not easy. There is so much going on in their lives everyday, they sometimes have to blog more than once a day just to get it said! And they have videos of singing and playing music, of milking and collecting eggs, of grinding their own wheat and baking bread, of making their own cheese and wine - and did I say soap? Yes, they can make their own soap; and James is writing his second novel. I could go on and on and on, but hey, they've got their own blogs, and you can read them too. They're listed under "My Blog List." But hey, finish mine first, please, if you don't mind.

Anyway, the more I thought about it, the more I realized - what I lack in talent, I make up in having a boat-load of very special and talented people in my life. James and Karen are just examples. God's special gift to me. I guess you could say, I have a talent for attracting talented people. My life is filled with music and flowers and adventure because of the wonderful and talented family and friends that flavor my life. They will give me plenty to blog about! (Plus, it should also assure me at least a few followers since they'll have to keep an eye on me just to see what I'm saying about them.)

I didn't say I wasn't smart, just not talented!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I'm finally blogging - it hasn't been easy!

Well, I guess I'm finally blogging, although I am not at all certain what I'm doing or even what I'm gonna blog about. I'm just hoping one thing will lead to another and whala, an ok blog.

It hasn't been so easy for me, this blog-thing. I've actually attempted it a half-dozen times in the past, only to give up in total frustration. I've actually deleted and started over 3 times already today.

Just naming my blog has been a task. I probably typed in 5-6 names (which weren't easy to come up with in the first place, since the name should probably say something about the blog) only to find that someone already had that name. I had begun to believe that no matter what name I typed in, it wouldn't be available. I actually became a little nonchalant with the naming, and unfortunately, the typing; but lo and behold, when I typed in "Sugar...and other spices of life" I not only found the name available, but that I was now the proud owner! Wow! Yippee! Imagine that! Not really the name I initially went for, but, hey, victory was finally mine! Then I realized I had a typo in the URL address - ???

Sugan? What is sugan? Well, just go in under settings and correct it, I said. Well, it wasn't anywhere I could find. Seems I could correct just about anything and everything except the URL address. (I know, it probably is there somewhere, but I couldn't find it.) So I figured maybe I could somehow use "Sugan...and other spices of life" as my blog name and maybe have readers say to themselves "Wow! How smart is that!" (not meant as a question)

So a quick reference revealed: "Sugan" (sug an or soog an) - 1. a thick blanket or quilt used especially by ranch workers when sleeping outdoors; 2. a rope made of straw; 3. a chair with a seat made from straw rope.

Nope! Interesting, and while I do have a couple of very creative friends who could probably work wonders with that, it was not something I could identify with. So, another delete. Of course by now, Google wouldn't let me in back in until I confirmed my identity by cell phone. This was just about the last straw. Thankfully, stubbornness prevailed, and I trudged on. Much to my delight "Sugar...and other spices of life" was still available - thus the name of my blog.

Why that name? Well, no, I'm not a great cook, not by any standards, and while I won't say you'll never find a recipe on my site, it's not likely. The name fits though, since life and everything that goes into making it what it is can be likened to a recipe. So I figure with this name I can talk about anything and everything ~ God, family, friends, love, hate, happiness, sorrow ~ all the things that add the sugar and spice to my life...the flavor.

Now we've only to see if I can string the right words together.